Facade Program

The Upper Union Facade Program continues to meet with resounding success. The progress we've made in improving the look of Union Street was recognized by the Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority in Spring 2007 when they provided a second round of funding to continue the program.

All told, when the projects that are already on the books are complete, we'll have helped property owners complete a $1.5 Million face lift for 16 buildings in the Upper Union Street area with private owners investing over $850,000, and Metroplex contributing over $650,000.

These improvements are really having an impact on how residents, visitors, and potential tenants see Union Street. See Before and After pictures below for a sample of the kinds of improvements that have been made.

Program Description

The Upper Union Facade Program, funded by the Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority, provides dollar-for-dollar matching grants for improvements to the exterior of commercial buildings in the Upper Union Street BID district. In addition to the dollar-for- dollar matching grant, the program also provides architectural services to help design a project that fits your goals and budget, selecta contractor and ensure that the project is completed to your satisfaction.

The program typically assists with projects ranging from $3,000 to $60,000, although larger projects have been funded corner buildings and buildings with more than one storefront.

If you are a commercial tenant or own a commercial building in the Upper Union assessment area, and you want to improve the exterior of your building, you can apply for assistance. You must include a $1,000 deposit with your application which is placed in escrow towards your project.

Architectural services are provided by Dave Sadowsky, PC and TAP, Inc. The program is administerd by Anne Savage of River Street Planning & Development.

Application Materials

The program has funds available to accomplish one or two additional projects. Property or business owners interested in improving their facade should contact program manager, Anne Savage at 273-8980 x 20 or asavage@riverstreet.org.

ApplicationThis is a simple two page application form.
Grant Award AgreementThis is the contract that you will need to sign if your application is approved. You don't need to submit it with your application, but you should be familiar with it.
Frequently Asked QuestionsThis includes the most frequently asked questions and answers.
Operating GuidelinesThese are the formal operating guidelines under which the program operates.

Before and After

These pictures show just a small sampling of the projects made possible by the Upper Union Street Facade and local property owners.

Ferri Formals - 1608 Union Street Before

Ferri Before

Ferri Formals - 1608 Union Street After

Ferri After

Union Street Aquarium and Hunan Wok - 1617 Union Street Before

US Aquarium Before

Union Street Aquarium and Hunan Wok - 1617 Union Street After

US Aquarium After

Scotti's Restaurant - 1730 Union Street Before

Scotti's Before

Scotti's Restaurant - 1730 Union Street After

Scotti's After